Letters to the Editor

Impressed by Pett

I was reminded during the last 100 days what a necessary thing satire is, and how proud I have always been to be from Lexington, where Herald-Leader editorial cartoonist Joel Pett lives and works.

Pett came to Meadowthorpe Elementary school when I was there (probably 20 years ago), and his cartoons gave me my first taste of the opposition and the power of questioning those more powerful than I. He signed a book of cartoons I had brought in (I believe because of my dad, who also loved Pett’s work).

It was really Pett who put me on track to devour the Doonesburys of the time, and even Berkley Breathed’s work — comics that weren’t quite outright in their anarchy and aggression, but that had a know-it-all bent to them. They seemed above the fray.

I am now a film director and producer living in Chicago, and I miss opening the paper every Sunday to a new full-color Pett panel. I had thought he retired a long time ago, but now that I know he’s still at it — and we really need him, now more than ever — I will be on the Herald-Leader website on a weekly basis.

Alex Thompson