Letters to the Editor

Conservatives combat climate change, too

Many people are not aware of important efforts by conservatives to combat climate change.

The Climate Solutions Caucus in Congress is steadily gaining Republican members. The Climate Leadership Council, founded by Republicans, including James Baker III and George Shultz, calls its plan “a conservative climate solution” based on free-market principles. This plan is gaining support from influential industries and NGOs as diverse as ExxonMobil and The Nature Conservancy.

The Carbon Fee and Dividend Plan is simple, fair and transparent and helps the average person. It would assess a gradually increasing fee on fossil fuels (such as coal and oil) at the source. This revenue would be distributed to all Americans, resulting in very substantial payments. Greenhouse gas emissions would rapidly decrease without using complex industry regulations, with results that please both conservatives and liberals.

Conservatives will stop being afraid to publicly push for climate change legislation as these bipartisan efforts pick up steam. Urge our U.S. representatives to join the Climate Solutions Caucus and urge Sens. Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul to listen to the Republican-led Climate Leadership Council. McConnell and Paul must address climate change or they will cause great harm. Scientific reality has no political party.

Christine Missik