Letters to the Editor

Make all Kentucky more fair

California has issued its directive. Louisville and Lexington want to be excluded from it. California is asking sternly for equality for all Americans. The status of exemptions and the financial implications of a travel ban on Golden State dollars have been reported.

What do we Kentuckians want the world to know and judge us by? Are Louisville and Lexington not in Kentucky? Why are they asking to be exempted from the state? I believe it is two-sided. California’s judgment on Kentucky reflects its politics and a presumption that we are a backward state with human rights inequalities. No state can say it has a utopian dichotomy of righteousness and godliness above any other. But we are at this point now. Status and money are one thing, but the question for Kentucky is: Do we value equality for all or not? What is our status in this era of civil rights?

I would like to think we can remove this ban through asserting the principle we are being asked about. All Americans deserve the principle of equality outlined in our sacred documents. Should we not take that approach instead of creating exemptions?

Curtis Cary