Letters to the Editor

Trump better for America

The necessary war in Afghanistan was over in six weeks. Taliban rule was dismantled, and Al-Qaida fighters fled to the caves of Tora Bora. That war and the unnecessary war in Iraq are still ongoing. Costs through June 10 are 32,291 Americans wounded and 6,777 killed, and $6 trillion spent. What was achieved? ISIS.

Barack Obama equaled George W. Bush’s ineptness in the Middle East. Moreover, scandals sprouted like weeds: a nefariously assembled health-care plan currently approaching defunct status, a sweetheart deal in Russia, Operation Fast and Furious, Hillary Clinton’s private enterprise, the Benghazi debacle, IRS targeting, five terrorists for one deserter, a politicized Department of Justice and a spineless Congress that let him double the national debt. For what?

Who benefited from the Bush and Obama reigns? America and Americans were left off their lists of beneficiaries. A billionaire was wisely elected to correct their omissions. If he can scrape up enough integrity in Congress, his list will contain two righteous names: America and Americans. That will shut off floods of tax dollars to private interests, which is the real reason for the 24/7 baseless opposition to Trump.

Shafter Bailey