Letters to the Editor

Dear Abby’s wrong gun advice

As a child, I used to love Dear Abby’s suggestions about tricky social situations. Recently, however, I read her response to “First-Time Mom in NJ,” which advised that it would be “off-putting” and potentially offensive to ask if there are guns in the homes our kids visit and if so, how they are secured.

I’m appalled at this uninformed and irresponsible advice. Unintentional shootings involving children happen almost daily. According to Everytown for Gun Safety, more than 2 million children live in homes with unsecured guns, 85 percent of which are also loaded. We have one of the highest rates of unintentional child gun deaths in the world, many are attributable to irresponsible gun storage.

I know gun owners and have asked about the presence and storage of guns in their homes before my children go there to play. Not one has been offended. Please be a part of promoting responsible gun storage to reduce the risk of gun injuries, and learn more at Be Smart (www.besmartforkids.org).

Tina Studts