Letters to the Editor

Fix dangerous intersection

I wrote this letter at the exact moment another wreck happened at Merino and West Maxwell streets on June 24. This was the second wreck this week. Who knows how many over the past few years?

That intersection is dangerous and fraught with accidents. Drivers speed on Maxwell, much faster than the 35 mph speed limit. Drivers do not know, care about or heed traffic laws. The light pole beside the fire station has been hit so hard so many times that it’s supported by wood splints.

Cars swerve between lanes. They peel around corners, never considering pedestrians.

People use the sidewalks to visit neighbors and to walk pets. Five families with a total of nine children live in a one-block radius of this intersection. Alltech Brewery visitors walk those sidewalks. College students bike to campus. Firemen wash trucks and check equipment on the corner.

What will it take to make this intersection safer? Who or how many must get hurt? There are a number of solutions. We should try a few.

Elizabeth Franzini