Letters to the Editor

Climate-change plot

The G20 Summit allowed President Donald Trump to meet with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Chinese President Xi Jinping and other world leaders. Merkel’s main goal for the summit was for the leaders to contribute to solving the world’s problems, such as climate change. According to Xi, the way to do that is to open a world economy through a “multilateral trade regime,” otherwise known as world governance, that will trample our rights and freedoms, increase our taxes and take control of America’s energy use.

Trump is now accused of aiding and abetting “climate crimes” and threatening “international peace and security” and the “very foundations of civilization.” This “Chicken Little” extremism has blamed climate change for everything from increasing heroin addiction to grizzly bear attacks and rising rates of heart attack, from the collapse of gingerbread houses in Sweden to record numbers of UFO sightings in Great Britain.

There are tens of thousands of reputable scientists who disagree. It’s not up to politicians to decide science. Our politicians must be held accountable for shoving one-sided agendas down our throats.

Eric Kunkel