Letters to the Editor

Get right gun info

I realize Frank Ashley’s commentary is opinion, but it is disturbing that a former newspaper reporter and press secretary for two former governors doesn’t fact-check his work.

He refers to “military assault weapons.” Is he talking about assault rifles (machine guns)? If so, those are handled by another law and wouldn’t be part of any proposed assault weapons ban. Assault weapons are civilian firearms, not military.

He may be right that they were originally designed for killing people, but they are now used for hunting game and for target practice in addition to self-defense.

An easy fact to check is that the national assault weapons ban ran from 1994 to 2004. That ended more than 12, not 10, years ago.

I am doubtful about the “loophole” for gun shows and internet sales. Most, if not all, the people selling at gun shows are registered gun dealers. They have to do the same background checks as any other dealer. I don’t see a loophole there. Internet sales work the same way. The dealer ships the firearm to a local dealer who then does the required background checks. Other types of sales are already illegal.

Robert C. Cooke