Letters to the Editor

Northside neighborhoods ignored

The story about Jim McKeighen was outrageous and shameful. Not because of his efforts, but because a block within the city limits apparently had an illegal and open dump for years. Do we have two Lexingtons?

I thought code enforcement applied to everyone. Are the northside neighborhoods simply ignored? I hate to think of all the other ways in which our poorer neighbors struggle to have decent housing, clean streets, real grocery stores and good schools. And it also appears that the fancy, covered bus stops are on the south side of the city as well.

I think its time for Mayor Jim Gray and his cronies to get off the outrageously expensive and unneeded projects like a creek through downtown and start doing some basic civic improvements for the benefit of all citizens.

I recall a recent mayoral candidate who was “not just for downtown.” We made a mistake in not electing him.

Sally Wasielewski