Letters to the Editor

Bryant Rentals trying to help

I would like to respond to the backlash that Bryant Rentals received after hosting Vice President Mike Pence, other dignitaries and leaders of local small businesses on July 12.

I cannot say enough glowing things about my brother-in-law, Terry Bryant: he is a hard worker and a good citizen of this community and his family.

While people saw demonstrators outside his business during the forum, they failed to see his passion to bring people to the table for honest and heartfelt discussions on how we can and should help all people to achieve affordable health care.

As citizens of this community and this country, we must put partisanship aside and welcome ideas from Republicans and Democrats.

Yes, things are rocky in our political scene now, but it takes forward thinking like Terry’s to help overcome the divide and bring people together for solutions. After all, he has family that is also impacted by these issues.

Bravo for his endeavor to be one small voice for rectifying the issues that are so important to everyone across the country.

Marty Bryant