Letters to the Editor

FDA ignores quackery while Amish guy gets punished

Where’s the Food and Drug Administration when the Herald-Leader, like most magazines and TV stations, advertises some quacky, so-called cure for knee pain, back pain or other bodily ill? The small print doesn’t keep these miracle cures from bilking people while the paper collects advertising fees.

No doubt, thousands of bucks are gained from advertising Australian Dream Cream and Blue Emu while an Amish guy goes to prison for six years for selling his homemade salve. In fact, the worse the newspaper business gets, the further down the advertising food chain we go. We also have the ugly regimen of TV, billboards and printed lawyer ads to get the bad guys and get us millions of well-deserved dollars for our misery.

It’s OK to advertise heaters or furniture made by the Amish as if they are the greatest thing to come along, but God help the Amish guy who makes a salve from commonly found ingredients.

Where’s the real justice? Methinks he’d be a free man if he’d called it by the catchy, accepted names or had Johnny Bench to say it worked for him.

Michael A. Tyree