Letters to the Editor

Bevin’s sick health plan

Let’s all watch as Gov. Matt Bevin makes folks jump through hoops and, when they fail, takes away their health care.

As many of my friends know, the jungle of the Kentucky Medicaid system is already impenetrable for those of us trying to help our adult children with disabilities. It’s overwhelming and frustrating to wait for one to two hours on the phone for someone to complete the certification process or to go to the office and sit for hours. They seem to think that if it’s too hard, we’ll just give up and go away.

Block grants, health savings accounts, lifetime limits, reporting if work hours change — oh, my. I’m sure any changes will be more overwhelming to an overwhelmed system and to those who don’t have someone to advocate for them.

We’ll have sicker people showing up at emergency rooms, just like before the expansion. Going backward is going to prove harmful to our most vulnerable Kentuckians, like my son and those who are trying to get food on the table for their children and pay the bills by working low-paying jobs for employers that don’t provide insurance.

We’re better than this.

Diane Cahill