Letters to the Editor

Climate of denial

The “Temperature data is fake” letter from a non-scientist, climate-change denier, former pharmaceutical company executive is another example of his demonization and denial of expert scientific consensus.

He cherry-picks old data and apparently unable to understand that science (including medicine, engineering, climate science) evolves through test and retest, which builds to a consensus of experts who are collectively refining their continually challenged data.

The letter cites a 1981 article by James Hansen, the grandfather of climate-change awareness, in which Hansen discusses insufficiencies in some data. But in Hansen’s latest positions on climate change he discusses the conservative Republican initiated “carbon fee and dividend” approach to lowering greenhouse gas emissions that threaten our grandchildren’s future.

Also, the letter cites 2009 leaked, work-in-progress e-mails of climate scientist P.D. Jones, whose latest British Climatic Research Unit report shows a consistent global temperature (Northern and Southern hemisphere) increase from 1975-2016.

I wonder if, when the writer’s car breaks down or his doctor’s treatment is imperfect, he concludes they are worthless or fake. The most reliable products of technology, medicine, climate science are all based on dynamic consensus opinion of experts. People who enjoy technological comforts yet deny the scientific method and expert consensus are hypocrites.

George Wagner