Letters to the Editor

So you want to help Americans?

After the June 14 shooting of a congressman and others at a ballfield, I listened to a congressman (who sounded like someone who could be a friend) say he was sickened by the partisanship, vitriol and rancor dividing our country. He said he and others like him had come to Congress out of an honest desire to help all Americans.

Suggestion: Start by refusing to take health care away from 23 million of them.

Stop marching in lockstep with your NRA-backed party against things 90 percent of Americans want, such as background checks or making assault-style weapons non-public. Don’t call a bill designed to make silencers easier to obtain the Hearing Protection Act. Don’t sell our unternet privacy to the highest bidder (and accept money for doing so). Don’t turn our public education money over to the private educational corporatocracy.

Make it easier, not harder, for Americans to vote.

Most of all, stop covering for an individual who would make fun of you if you were disabled, grab your private parts if you were a woman, not pay you for work, ask you to break the law if it helped him personally or throw you under the nearest public conveyance if you were to cross him.

Darryl Halbrooks