Letters to the Editor

Blame Mexico, not Russia

Congress is right to investigate the influence of foreign countries on American elections, but unfortunately, they’re going after the wrong country. The culprit is not Russia; it’s Mexico. It flooded the United States with its dregs, happy to be rid of them. U.S. citizens have to pay for the lawbreakers and their families, which is bad enough, but now the lawbreakers are voting in our elections. All Americans know that with 20 million illegals inside our borders, corruption of the system takes place in every election.

Sanctuary cities encourage these lawbreakers to participate in efforts to push a political agenda against lawful taxpayers. It’s wrong, and taxpayers, who have to pay for this foolishness, should rise up and penalize politicians who support it. Our country has been altered negatively by this southern influx, and only stricter borders and strong immigration enforcement will protect future elections from crimes against lawful citizens.

Edmund Burke once wrote, “Good order is the foundation of all goods things.” Surely, there is nothing good about illegal immigrants voting in our elections.

Robert Adams