Letters to the Editor

Time for single payer

The headline “Death spiral? Obamacare insurers may be having ‘best year’ yet under ACA” may have been meant as good news but was a stomach-churner, for sure. It is sickening that our country thinks it’s great when insurance companies make more money than they thought they would.

As usual, Americans are presented with two rotten choices and asked which they prefer. Each choice is aligned with a party and, by default, with individuals, all of whom are wedded to money. Health insurance companies spent $147,464,746 last year to make sure that they kept their hold on profit. The Affordable Care Act said they had to spend 80 percent of their take on actual care, but that does not stop them from listing multimillion-dollar CEO salaries as “expenses.”

Our hardhearted Republican Sen. Mitch McConnell received more than $1 million from them, and that doesn’t count any dark money that can’t be traced.

It is time for single payer, and if Sen. Rand Paul thinks that idea is too far-fetched, he should think less about saving money for the already ridiculously wealthy and figure out a way to make it happen.

Sara M. Porter