Letters to the Editor

FBI in tatters

FBI leadership has been corrupted by politics and political correctness. Former Director James Comey embarrassed himself in his testimony before Congress.

When he could have reported to the Justice Department that President Donald Trump was attempting to obstruct justice, he didn’t. But he called his top officials together to tell them what the president said and then wrote a memo that he later leaked to the New York Times.

When President Barack Obama’s Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, ordered Comey to call his criminal investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email scandal a “matter,” to echo the Clinton campaign’s characterization and downplay its significance in the election, he did so. No meeting, no memo.

After an Illinois gunman seriously wounded a Republican congressman and several others in Virginia, the FBI agent in charge reported eight days later that they still have not determined the motive. This is remarkable since on the day of the shooting a congressman at the field reported the shooter asked him, “Are these Democrats or Republicans?” His Facebook account was filled with vitriol toward Trump and Republicans, and he was active in the Bernie Sanders campaign. I wonder when the motive will become clear to the FBI?

Ray Davis