Letters to the Editor

In fireworks hell

Great. Fireworks season is here again. It runs from late June until mid- to late September every year. As long as the sounds of another’s fireworks (and loud tailpipes and thumping noise some call music) come inside my house, I am neither free nor safe.

So if you are an ER doctor or nurse, an on-call OB/GYN, a pregnant woman nearing her delivery date, mother of a newborn, a dog who is so scared of loud noises that it runs away from home, a night-time tow truck driver, over-the-road trucker, someone who is terminally ill, a military veteran or a crime victim with PTSD, these months will suck. We are not safe because there are so few places where people are not forced, even inside their own homes, to hear the noises of the noise-addicted.

It follows, of course, that I think how very lame the noise addicts are, and that they have never had the nerve and the brains to actually join the U.S. military.

Robin West