Letters to the Editor

Alternative to tolls

It appears that tolls may be part of the Brent Spence Bridge plan. I am not a fan of tolls, but the project must be continued. We can’t continue using a bridge labeled “the number one infrastructure emergency in America.” The delays have been too long.

Perhaps the legislature and Gov. Matt Bevin could move the project forward by passing an alternative to tolls. Raise the gasoline and diesel fuel taxes 5 cents a gallon. According to the Kentucky Department of Revenue, that would give Kentucky an additional $135 million annually. In 10 years, $1.35 billion of the Brent Spence project would be paid. Additional funds would go a long way to improve or replace other roads and bridges.

Bevin and the legislature could consider this during the special session on taxation Bevin plans to call soon.

We should thank Bevin for at least beginning work on the bridge.

Edward L. Smith Jr.

Park Hills