Letters to the Editor

Andy Barr explains

Charles Horne is a patriot for serving our country, and I regret that my office was unsuccessful in securing a White House tour for him. While many people request White House tours, very few are approved due to a number of factors including the president’s schedule, events on the grounds, Secret Service security and high demand. While I would like to make these tours available for any 6th District resident visiting D.C., it is truly out of our hands. A federal judge, Republican state representative and Gold Star family from our district were all recently denied requests to visit the White House.

It is also unfortunate, and all too common, that the Herald-Leader ran this letter which attacked the character of my staff without checking the facts. I have heard from so many Kentuckians that my team goes above and beyond. We have welcomed hundreds of visitors to our Washington office this year, provided many Capitol tours and helped to arrange other visits and tickets for Kentuckians visiting our nation’s capital. I fully stand behind my staff, and if Mr. Horne returns to Washington, I would be happy to take him on a tour of the Capitol myself.

U.S. Rep. Andy Barr