Letters to the Editor

Trump in flames

Looks like Donald Trump’s (I cannot call him President Trump anymore) lies and denials are finally biting him in his rear.

His crooked cronies have let the Russia skeletons out of the closet. The Russia that he practically swore on a Bible had nothing to do with his campaign. The Russia that he publicly asked to find Hillary Clinton’s missing emails and that he fired James Comey over and then bragged about it to the Russians. It is now obvious that Russian interference did cost Clinton the election. Investigators concluded that Russia didn’t rig votes for Trump but are finding that Russia utilized WikiLeaks to leak John Podesta’s emails about Clinton.

Everything Trump touches is going up in flames. Sessions, Kushner and Manafort are in hot water because of Trump. I bet he knew everything they did because Trump wants total control of everything Trump. For Trump Jr. to say that his dad knew nothing about the meeting with Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya at Trump Tower is crazy. The son will fall on the sword for his father. I bet Ivanka is angry as hell at her dad for getting her husband involved. They can’t blame this on Obama.

Yolanda Averrette