Letters to the Editor

Start over with health care the right way

I know Sen. Mitch McConnell must be disappointed in last week’s failure of Affordable Care Act repeal efforts.

But he should view this as the first day of the rest of his political career. As a newly registered Kentucky voter, I implore him to begin as the statesmen I know he can be.

First, he should hold open hearings on where the ACA is working and where it is failing and encourage House Speaker Paul Ryan to do the same. The situation is not as black and white as McConnell has stated. The American people figured that out; only 12 percent supported Senate GOP efforts.

Second, fix problems without harming 23 million Americans benefiting from finally having health care. The ACA is not socialized medicine. Private doctors, hospitals and insurance companies are the only players involved.

Most important: Tackle the actual cost drivers of health care, such as runaway drug prices and opaque medical-procedure costs.

I hope McConnell finds the courage to do what is right for all Americans and follow Sen. John McCain’s advice to return the Senate to regular order.

Ken Cooley