Letters to the Editor

Focus on realities, not illusions, of health care

As has the rest of the nation, I watched the convulsions in the U.S. Senate as they attempted to deal with health care. Political stunts, inflammatory rhetoric, lies, and the presidential threats. Mitch McConnell tried to herd cats.

Rand Paul pushed a desperation repeal bill and, as usual, failed miserably. Donald Trump threatened Alaska. And a really chubby congressman named Blake Farenthold suggested he might challenge two female senators to a duel. Really.

Trump has zero grasp on the issue, he has proven as clueless as anyone might be.

That said, there is a solution. One that has the proven potential to reduce health-care costs by as much as 50 percent and deliver a system with superior results while making healthcare available, not just accessible, to every American. It is a solution already proven successful globally in the great majority of industrialized nations: single payer. It works. It’s worked for decades.

But instead, Republicans market the illusion of a past that never was, when TV starts Robert Young knew best and Donna Reed made sure dinner was served as scheduled. It is long past time to embrace the future instead of the Republican “freedumb,” their delusional illusion about the past.

Bill Adkins