Letters to the Editor

Resign, McConnell

Wasting priceless congressional years and countless dollars, Republican Senate leader Mitch McConnell was doggedly obsessed with defeating Obamacare and caused high-anxiety to millions almost thrown off their insurance. Arrogant McConnell shamed our democracy by repeatedly ignoring the overwhelming verdict of the American people and arm-twisted for his obscene “Trumpcare” tax cut for billionaires, supported by callous Republicans.

McConnell’s abuse of power and lack of principles disgraces our nation. We have been duped for decades; we are indentured servants to scam-insurers and pill-profiteers. We need quality health care without companies raking in billions in profits. Spend that money to provide care. We need sensible, non-profit, single-payer health care.

This is the moment when McConnell must resign, so the messed-up Republican Party can begin to repair itself and repudiate President Donald Trump’s abuse of power and his wrecking of our government. Republicans in Congress must cease their warped-radical ideology and join with Democrats to redeem our nation and deliver decent health care, enjoyed by other countries throughout the world.

Michael Gregoire