Letters to the Editor

Rogers should help state

Apparently our revered representative in Congress wants to end Kentucky’s involvement with Medicaid expansion. I do not understand or agree with his stance. Let’s look at what the expansion has meant to our state.

First, nearly 100,000 got health insurance for the first time. Hospitals and primary-care providers got a major boost in income, ensuring they will remain in our communities. Many people took advantage of prevention and screening services. Second, uncompensated care dropped dramatically, by 79 percent or a total of $2 billion.

With the gradual cuts proposed in all of Medicaid over the next five years, our nursing homes will be at serious risk. A majority of patients in our long- term care facilities depend on Medicaid as their personal estates have been sucked dry by health-care expenses. Their very existence would be in jeopardy. The proposed American Health Care Act also would reduce funding for opioid addiction.

Some of us were hoping that U.S. Rep. Hal Rogers would see the light and sign on as a co-sponsor of the Medicare for All bill. If he did so, he would be the first Republican to join 113 Democratic sponsors.

Mr. Rogers, your neighborhood needs you.

Ewell G. Scott, M.D.