Letters to the Editor

Fair coverage appreciated

I appreciate the Herald-Leader’s fine article about the Lexington Lions Bluegrass Fair.

Matt Goins’ pictures surely captured the fun and excitement folks were having, and Trey Crumbie’s article highlighted many of the events and experiences available to everyone in our community.

By hosting the Bluegrass Fair for more than 55 years, the Lexington Lions Club has been able to provide a special entertainment venue for thousands of Central Kentuckians and the funds for the club’s charitable endeavors.

The Lexington club is the largest in Kentucky and provides a wide range of direct services to our community.

Over the last decade the club has contributed more than $1.25 million to programs assisting the blind and visually impaired, the deaf and hearing impaired and diabetics — particularly children — through vision and hearing screenings, the purchase of hundreds of pairs of eyeglasses each year, the purchase of hearing aids for eligible individuals, the retreat for the deaf/blind, a camp for diabetic children, and the funding of eye surgeries.

The Lexington Lions Club does not make any money from the fair. After all expenses are accounted for, we usually have about $125,000 to donate directly to more than 20 local charities and non-profit organizations.

Pat Ryan

President, Lexington Lions Club