Letters to the Editor

‘Wiz’ shows what we can do

There is nothing quite like the arts to bring people together.

In these difficult times, when we may feel more divided than ever, it was a breath of extremely fresh air to see the enthusiastic and wonderfully diverse audience assembled for Kentucky Conservatory Theatre’s production of the rock musical “The Wiz” at Woodland Park this month. The night I attended — a beautiful Sunday summer evening — the audience was full of what seemed to be a cross-section of our entire city, representing every age, background and ethnicity.

By spending years creating opportunities for all performers, with a particular eye toward building a talent base that includes performers of color, KCT has made a wise and successful investment. The dividends were obvious with this production: a wildly appreciative crowd that looked and felt like it was representative of all of Central Kentucky.

While the daily news may offer a discouraging, even bleak, portrait of where we are going as a country, there is much to celebrate in American cities, especially Lexington (recently ranked fifth best-run city by a reputable poll). Support for efforts like KCT's “The Wiz” and the marvelous opportunities it afforded performers and audiences alike is encouraging proof.

Bo List

Producing artistic director

AthensWest Theatre Company