Letters to the Editor

Paul right on transparency

Rarely do I agree with Sen. Rand Paul when it comes to policy, but I do respect his transparency and that he reads legislation before voting or giving his support, unlike U.S. Rep. Andy Barr.

Barr presented a PowerPoint at Lafayette High School that was scripted. When questioned, he repeated the statements from the script. This was a House bill that he knew would never get past the Senate. More recently, he returned to Lexington with Vice President Mike Pence to seek support for a health care bill that was not even finished. Sen. Mitch McConnell had remained in D.C. to rewrite the bill.

It is sad that Barr has become a party puppet who supports legislation before reading and without consideration of his constituents. He is more concerned about donations to his campaign.

President Donald Trump told us that he does not read, relying on others to provide information. Now he has his pen in hand to sign legislation no matter what it says or does.

Paul requested that development of the bill be open and transparent. He was correct when he suggested that senators would not vote for McConnell’s health care bill if they read it.

Open up the conference room doors, reach across the aisle and serve all the people.

Pam Sigler