Letters to the Editor

Trump restoring leadership

Seemingly blinded by their domestic political views, former diplomats Carey Cavanaugh and John Stempel, in June 18 commentaries, follow the current Democrat playbook to bash President Donald Trump over the changes his administration is making in international relations.

After eight years of feckless foreign policy, it is amazing to watch Democrats try to make the case that Trump is abandoning free world leadership. President Barack Obama’s “leading from behind” foreign policy did more to embolden adversaries and discourage allies than any of what is going on today.

Momentum has been gained in the fight against ISIS. Team Assad is learning the limits of our tolerance for interference in our military operations. And NATO is on notice that an alliance is a team where all members share the burdens of membership.

I served in NATO during the Cold War. Even with the threat of Soviet tanks just kilometers from the inter-German border, we still had allies who failed to contribute their fair share. This wake-up call was necessary and it appears the message was received.

Trump is frustrating his opponents, his supporters and traditional friends abroad, but the trajectory of our foreign policy is toward restoring, not abandoning, American leadership in the world.

David L. Patton