Letters to the Editor

What Kim Davis cost us

It was decided that Kentucky must pay the attorney costs for the two men Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis refused to grant a marriage license to. Her actions will cost Kentucky about $220,000. Here are a few examples of what that amount of money can buy:

1. The salaries of nine Kentucky teacher’s aides.

2. 73,000 gallons of gas.

3. School lunches for 85,000 students.

4. 440,000 bus rides for seniors or disabled riders.

5. The heating cost for 2,933 average Kentucky apartments.

6. The salary of Gov. Matt Bevin for 1.7 years.

7. The average annual incomes of six average Kentucky households.

8. Davis’ own salary for three years.

But the damage to the dignity of the two plantiffs is incalculable. The cost to Kentucky’s reputation as fair to all residents is impossible to calculate. Davis has greatly disgraced our great state.

At the time of this shameful incident, Bevin was running for office and pledged his full support for what Davis was doing to gay Kentuckians. Anyone running for governor is running to represent the state’s entire population. Our state motto is “United We Stand, Divided We Fall.” Bevin failed even before he began.

Walter Frazier