Letters to the Editor

Gray, city deserve credit for cleanup

In response to a July 23 letter: The conditions on Old Georgetown Street that I started to correct 14 years ago were the result of private property owners creating the “dump” behind large wooden fences for decades.

By the time I moved here, those owners had passed away. If not for code enforcement and the city’s help, I could not have done what I did. Without Mayor Jim Gray’s help and his administration’s reforms in correcting prior administrations’ neglect of “poorer” areas of downtown, our neighborhood would not be the gem it is today.

In fact, without the support of the reforms of the Gray administration to code enforcement processes, I would not be here. There are rules to protect property rights, and they must be respected even if the property is a nuisance. The city would cut the weeds in the spaces visible to the public and dun the recorded owners (deceased) for the costs. When the money owed to the city in back taxes became large enough, it would force a sale.

My mother, a lifelong Republican, told me Gray was the only Democrat she had ever voted for in her 94 years on Earth, and if she was alive today, she would be writing this letter herself.

Jim McKeighen