Letters to the Editor

Following Jesus or Trump?

I recently read a post from a site called Christians for Trump. Is this an oxymoron? It is clearly not possible to follow the teachings of Jesus, to have carefully read the Gospels (reread Matthew 5) and support the policies of this administration.

This does not mean that we shouldn’t pray for our president. He needs our prayers to help him see that our fragile Earth and its inhabitants are more important than power and money. He needs prayers to help him honor the First Amendment and to help him stop screaming fake news every time he disagrees with a reporter. I pray that he will actually read our Constitution and come to honor it. I pray that he will learn to honor women in a healthy manner, and that he will feel remorse for his abusive, adulterous past. I pray that those folks who call themselves Christians for Trump will actually read the New Testament.

Diana Martin