Letters to the Editor

Better sex ed needed

Recently, parents, educators and concerned community members came together to rally for equity and adequate funding in public education. In an article published about the rally, I learned more about a group called Lex Ed that aims to bring real, comprehensive medically accurate sex education to Fayette County Public Schools.

Lex Ed has the right idea. Quality sex education not only educates students about how to prevent sexually transmitted illnesses and pregnancy, but it also empowers them to form healthy relationships and make informed choices about their bodies.

This summer, I worked as a fellow for a similar campaign in Louisville called Louisville Sex Education Now. We signed up more than 1,000 supporters, gained endorsements from 50 local businesses and organized a rally to express our message to the school board. According to a study by the Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky, 80 percent of Kentuckians support common-sense sex education.

As a Lexington native and a graduate of Fayette County public schools, I am hopeful the same support can be mobilized here. It’s time for Lexington to finally demand sex education.

Meghana Kudrimoti