Letters to the Editor

Waste of ACLU resources

It seems like every week there is news critical of Gov. Matt Bevin. First his move to nullify the University of Louisville Board of Trustees raised objections and finally legal action by Attorney General Andy Beshear. Next it was questions over the value of his newly purchased real estate. These are both valid concerns that should be addressed in the public forum.

But I am disconcerted that the ACLU thinks that challenging his use of social media is the wisest use of its resources. To me this is a non-issue. Facebook is a tool much like a telephone or a radio. Bevin’s choice to block a caller or to appear on a certain station are ultimately personal and political choices that have limited effect on the functioning of our democracy.

Instead, the ACLU should be helping argue a case that our state’s head prosecutor intends to pursue. The challenge to U of L’s board should be based on pertinence and objectivity, instead of only being an issue of power. The actual composition of such a board concerns the civil liberties of every student. The case and press coverage should present more details about the specific nominations and how they may or may not compose a free body of unbiased educators.

Tim Dodson