Letters to the Editor

Stop voting for the GOP

Thank you for publishing Christian Tyler Marcum’s insightful and enlightening July 11 commentary, “Don’t let the GOP steal your health care.”

He stated, with facts to back it up, that the Senate’s “Trumpcare” bill is essentially another plan by our morally bankrupt GOP to rob from the working poor to give more to the very rich.

So why do the majority of Kentuckians vote for GOP candidates for any office if those GOP politicians will never, ever, ever support policies to help make their poor and middle-class lives better? If you like, and need good health insurance via Medicaid or Medicare or any other health insurance discounted by the Affordable Care Act, you will be cut off from coverage or priced out of the market, all thanks to President Donald Trump and Republicans.

People in Kentucky, unless they make more than $250,000, should vote for Democrats who actually have their backs and pass laws to help the working class, the poor and the middle class. Please do yourselves a big favor. Do not vote for Republicans in the next election.

Elizabeth Wallen