Letters to the Editor

Sad loss of ancestors’ home

It is with great sadness that we learn about the loss of our family’s ancestral home, that of Judge John Boyle, son of an old pioneering, Revolutionary warrior, Major John Boyle, who fought with Col. Daniel Boone. Judge Boyle, who emerged as one of the great legal minds of the then 15 United States of his season, was well known for his jurisprudence beyond the borders of the Bluegrass State.

Even so, he preferred his old Kentucky home life over national politics. Family lore suggests the naming of Boyle County had something to do with Judge Boyle’s father’s legacy, as well.

On behalf of the Boyle family, we are saddened by the loss of the Old Federalist styled home and salute the continuing work of the Boyle Land Trust in its noble efforts.

Aleq Boyle

National director

Civic Society America

St. Petersburg, Fla.