Letters to the Editor

No ties to Trump campaign

It was disappointing that the Herald-Leader published a letter with false information. The writer opposed an op-ed I co-authored and stated that our organization, Americans First Inc, is “comprised of six of Trump’s top campaign advisers.” That’s completely false. None of the founders had any connection to the Trump campaign as either paid or unpaid advisers. In fact, I’ll divulge here that I didn’t vote for Trump.

Other letters were critical but fair and encouraged Secretary of State Alison Grimes to not share the “highly sensitive registration data.”

Through an Open Records request I obtained a list of more than 4,000 organizations that Grimes has shared some data with, including the Smoking Pig BBQ Restaurant. If people think that “highly sensitive” data is being well guarded, think again. Maybe the Election Integrity Commission should just meet at the Smoking Pig BBQ and examine the data over a platter of pulled pork with a side of voter registration data.

Ron Vissing