Letters to the Editor

Honor Heather’s life

The memorial service for Heather Heyer was held in Charlottesville, Va., Wednesday with many people wearing purple, her favorite color. She was a young paralegal with a beautiful smile who believed deeply in equality and justice.

“Justice” is defined as a concern for peace and genuine respect for people. Our society is not remembering this definition of justice, nor does it applaud nonviolence as it did when the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. led peaceful marches in response to hatred.

Yet, non-violence is the answer to the crucial political and moral questions of our time. We must overcome violence and oppression without resorting to oppression and violence. We all must find a way, each day, to live together in peace.

Refuse to accept that man cannot be peaceful. Stop the ideas that we are unable to correct war and hatred. Stand firmly against propaganda that depicts society spiraling only down. Believe love will have the final word. Even amid recent hateful events, anchor a hope for a brighter tomorrow.

It is said that purple represents nobility, wisdom, dignity, devotion and peace. In this spirit, let us pray for Heather’s family and be resolved to live in unity.

Marianne Weiss