Letters to the Editor

Goose-step duck-walk

White supremacy, specifically American white supremacy — the deep-seated belief that whites are superior to all other races and ethnicities — seems to be at the very root of how we ended up with Donald Trump as president.

Each day of Trump's presidency reinforces a disturbing, gnawing belief that took root in my brain many months ago. It’s a thought, a fear that I would like to deny, that I wish I could banish. But in light of all that has happened, there is just no denying it any longer.

Many of our neighbors, our loved ones, our family, our friends who continue to support and defend Trump, despite the daily onslaught of evidence he so recklessly provides confirming his white supremacist agenda, must also hold this deep-seated feeling of superiority within their hearts. If he is defended even now, how can it be otherwise?

Can we deny it? Can we look each other in the eye and say our president isn’t a white supremacist? That those who defend him still are not, to some degree, also white supremacists?

If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck ...

Renee Marcum-Losey