Letters to the Editor

Lexington should turn backs, deprive white supremacists of attention

When I saw in the Herald-Leader that white supremacists plan to come to Lexington, I felt sick. My nausea stemmed not from anything having to do with the Confederate statues at issue, but that a group of racists is going to march down our Main Street. They are coming only to try to provoke trouble and show off their flags, costumes, uniforms and salutes that represent hatred.

Let’s line Main Street and stand silently with our backs turned to them. Can you imagine news organizations and social media showing the world how the march in Lexington, Ky. was a failure for the white supremacists?

The thousands with their backs turned would include people from all walks of life with widely varying opinions concerning the statues. If you wish, peacefully express your desire for the statues to go or stay at some other time, but don’t give these hateful people the attention they want. Just staying home would not send any message, while silence with our backs turned would send a dramatic one. Let the world know that Americans are not going to allow hatred to rule us.

Andrea Reed