Letters to the Editor

Jim Gray shows moral leadership

Mayor Jim Gray deserves praise for acting with moral authority and willingness to make a tough political decision because he knows what is right. We need more political figures like him to step up and serve.

It’s time for the statues on the grounds of the old courthouse to be removed. These monuments were not erected contemporaneous to the Civil War because most Confederate generals were considered traitors for taking up arms against the union. Erecting statues to these men did not attain widespread popularity until Reconstruction and with the rise of the KKK and as a reactionary measure to the civil rights movement.

This history proves these statues were erected based more on racial animus than reverence for Confederate history. The arc of history bends toward expanded liberty and freedom. To fulfill that promise it’s time to remove these statues. The men immortalized in these statuts were not heroes of their time. They have been resurrected as symbols of oppression that denies the promise of America: that all men are created equal.

No group has any birthright to this county. Our country is based on pledging allegiance to the idea that all men are created equal.

Emery Caywood