Letters to the Editor

Lexington stokes violence by attacking historical symbols

There is some cognitive dissonance going on in government these days. Gov. Matt Bevin opposes the removal of Kentucky’s Confederate statuary because, he says, the statues exist as historical reminders.

What? These statues are not museum pieces, artifacts of history intended solely for dispassionate study. They exist to memorialize and commemorate certain historical figures, out of respect to at least some segment of the community.

Gov. Terry McAuliffe of Virginia, on the other hand, suffers from a flat out delusion. He does not get to decide who is an American, or what they may value or believe. The fact that he thinks otherwise suggests that maybe he should leave our America.

Finally, Lexington is about to embark upon an irresponsible and deliberately provocative course of action. Council members are intentionally stoking the flames of anger and thereby violence, in what appears to be either a fit of glib spinelessness or vengeful triumphalism.

If there is bloodshed here, it will be on their hands.

When you keep attacking someone — attacking their symbols and heroes, disrupting their assemblies — you get the hate that you deserve.

Robert Salyer