Letters to the Editor

Not in my town, Neo-Nazis

I am an antifa, third-generation. My grandfather faced down guns in a strike during the Great Depression, my father fought the Nazis in Europe. I was at the Women’s March in Washington in January. I carry a sign supporting health care for all.

In no way are the haters who beat and murdered in Charlottesville morally equivalent to me. I stand proudly with my black brothers and sisters who face a daily struggle against a society that is permeated by white ideas.

I stand with immigrants who come searching for freedom and the American dream who are now being harassed by the ICE forces. I stand with women who are about to lose control of their bodies by repressive right-to-life policies. I stand with the youth who struggle supporting families on the minimum wage.

Neo-Nazis are not only coming after some of us, but they will hurt all of us. We must rise up shoulder-to-shoulder as democracy-loving people to resist these bigots, whether they are in our streets or in the White House.

I will be as nonviolent as they allow, but they will not spread their lies, violence and hate here. Not in my town, not on my streets, not now.

Jim Ryder