Letters to the Editor

Make America white?

Racism (white supremacy) is the belief that a particular race is superior to the other races. About seven generations, or 152 years, after the end of the Civil War we still have not adequately resolved America’s race problem.

White nationalists (white supremacists) helped elect Donald Trump president. Trump is beholden to them and has a hard time coming down hard on their aggressive racism. The election of Trump was primarily a backlash vote against the gains African-Americans have made over the years, most notably the election (2008) of a black president, Barack Obama.

After Charlottesville, I think I now know what Donald Trump meant by “Make America Great Again” — a time when white people ran the country and blacks knew their place and stayed in it.

For the sake of our future, faith leaders of every religion and politicians of every political party must passionately denounce white supremacy.

Paul L. Whiteley Sr.