Letters to the Editor

Planning policies gone awry

I was happy to see the Aug. 14 commentaries about infill development killing our city. Finally someone is speaking up about the so-called city planning of the last couple of decades. The last few years have clearly demonstrated that the plan is a disaster driven by a scam and is ruining the quality of life in Lexington.

Just who are these faceless city planners who are ruining the city, and who gave them authority over the Urban County Council to dictate what building takes place?

The Squires Road debacle should be a wake-up call that no adult is minding the store. Allowing The Summit on Nicholasville Road ignored the current gridlock, so maybe incompetence is an issue, too.

Why is this craziness being pushed? Who is making money off residential destruction?

While the reasons given for the painful policy go back and forth between saving the farmland and needing to bring thousands more to the city, I say keep the land preservation program and drop the overbuilding. We don’t need another mall or vinyl multistory eyesore apartment house. It is a false premise to state we need to keep building every year.

Arlin Marsh