Letters to the Editor

Obama lies, non-apologies

Teri Carter’s commentary paints a distorted picture of a president who lies frequently. I was surprised when she brought up President Barack Obama and his famous quote, “If you like your doctor …” to which she leads us to believe that it was said only once and a quick apology was made.

It reportedly was about 23 times between 2008 and 2010. (People do count these things.)

He acknowledged much later he was wrong, but it didn’t sound like an apology. What about Obama declaring Solyndra a success after spending spending about a half-billion tax dollars on the private company? Turns out the stockholders and officials were heavy contributors to his campaign. Did he apologize for that? Did he apologize for assuring us repeatedly that insurance rates would go down?

All lies are reprehensible and both presidents are guilty but the egregious Obama lies top Trump’s inconsequential lies. Trump is not a polished politician. Polished politicians refer obliquely to issues that can be easily refuted later.

We have become too complacent in dismissing lies and going on. It will be a tremendous contributing factor to the demise of democracy and our freedoms. More discriminating columns that consistently keep all politicians on their toes would be greatly appreciated and admired.

Camille Haggard