Letters to the Editor

Climate letters mislead

Two recent letters said “reputable” scientists disputed the concept of human-derived global climate change, an idea supported by at least 97 percent of bonafide climate scientists.

A July 19 letter states that “tens of thousands of reputable scientists … disagree” with the idea of global climate change. A July 20 letter, by a mechanical engineer at the International Climate Science Coalition, which is funded by the Heartland Institute, itself funded by fossil fuel and tobacco money, speaks of “thousands of peer-reviewed papers in leading science journals that show much of what we think we know about climate is either mistaken or highly debatable.”

One would think that “tens of thousands of reputable scientists” publishing “thousands of peer-reviewed papers” denying climate change would be simple to find. They are not. An exhaustive scan of bibliographic databases in Google Scholar and in the three leading science journals — Science, Nature and the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA — reveals nothing that even remotely resembles reputable scientists denying human-based global climate change.

Instead, one finds thousands of papers from real climate scientists documenting and affirming the reality that the climate changes we are seeing around the world are at least partly the result of human activity. Are the two letter writers purposely not telling the truth, or are they just ignorant?

Vincent M. Cassone