Letters to the Editor

U.S. history under attack

It’s humorous to read the vitriol on occasion directed against homeschooling, charter schools and other alternatives to public schooling. Many fine teachers populate our public schools, but the fact is, the politically correct scrubbing of curriculum has been in full swing for years, and wise parents are finally catching on.

The College Board, an organization that develops and administers standardized tests, has begun the process of rewriting and redefining American history. A quick check of future material barely mentions George Washington or Thomas Jefferson except to castigate them for owning slaves. American exceptionalism is replaced by themes of racism, sexism and imperialism. How ironic that a country that fought a war to end slavery is slowly ignoring the entire Civil War experience.

Parents: Watch your kids’ textbooks carefully over the next few years and be vigilant. Great American sacrifice in World War II is passed over along with the genius of Jonas Salk, Thomas Edison and more. If you don’t fight this, our leaders of tomorrow will have no clue about John F. Kennedy’s vision for his country (and all races), or exactly how we got to the moon. Sacrifice, duty and honor permeate our history. And objectivity should rule, not a socialist agenda.

J.D. Mackey