Letters to the Editor

Coast Guard grads deserved better than Trump

I felt sorry for this year’s Coast Guard Academy graduating class. Those young men and women did not get what they should have for a speaker at their graduation in May.

They are ready to lay their lives on the line but had to listen to President Donald Trump. I think they saw through what is supposed to be their commander-in-chief. He sounded like a little snotty-nosed kid whining about the media picking on him.

I served in the Navy for eight years, and if I had been at that graduation, I would have walked out.

That TV show that Trump was on has gone to his head. He has fired about 10 of his appointees. It’s time for him to fire himself, Vice President Mike Pence and Sen. Mitch “The Mole” McConnell.

A dark cloud has hung over Washington, D.C., since Trump raised his hand to take the oath of office.

Bill Manuel