Letters to the Editor

Veterinarian board biased

I agree with the recent letter stating that the Kentucky Board of Veterinary Examiners favors veterinarians. I filed a complaint last September against a vet who botched the euthanasia of my elderly cat, inflicting a long, torturous procedure in which my cat died screaming. The board discussed my complaint in September and December but told me nothing.

I complained to the state attorney general’s office and was advised to attend the board’s March meeting. I did, and was informed that my complaint had been dismissed. The board eventually confirmed this in writing and sent me a copy of the vet’s response, which misstated my cat’s age, weight and diagnosis. I met with the board again in May, pointed out the discrepancies and asked for reconsideration. I have heard nothing since.

As I understand it, the vet has the right to appeal the board’s decision, but I do not. That is unfair.

The Rev. Geraldine Burchett